Quick Housekeeping Stuff: New Poll, GoingTo11.com


Two things for all you RSS folks:

1.)  I finally broke down and registered www.goingto11.com so you can now easily get to the blog.

2.)  I put a new poll up a while ago.  The question is “What do you work hardest on?”  As an audio engineer working in a church there can be a lot of aspects to the position that aren’t just limited to audio which depending on your personality can be positive or negative.  I assume you all work very hard at all these things, but I’m wondering what it is you have to work the hardest at to succeed as an all-around engineer.  For me it’s probably the politics side of things, and I’ll maybe get into that at some point.  The choices were the first five things off the top of my head, but I’m going to add another one because working with musicians should definitely be on that list, too.  I might be going somewhere with this poll so I would appreciate your input.

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David Stagl

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