I Need Your Opinion

I could really use your opinion on something. The majority of the training I do is private and one-on-one, but I’ve also been getting requests to start doing workshops and classes around the country. So I’m trying to figure out how many others would be interested in something like this, and if I can logistically do it.

If you would be interested in attending an audio class or workshop, I would appreciate it if you would follow this link and fill out a brief survey. It shouldn’t take more than 3 minutes.

If you leave your contact info at the end of the survey, I’ll also enter you into a drawing for a free one-hour audio coaching call. I’ll do the drawing on Monday, June 11, 2018.

Also, if you have any thoughts or ideas on something like this, feel free to share them in the comments for this post.

Here’s the link for the survey.


David Stagl

2 Responses to “I Need Your Opinion

  • Wes H.
    6 years ago

    What if a church paid for you to come in and they took on the “risk” and were the promoters?

    I’ve also seen situations where the speaker lined up enough sponsors to make the day free for participants. One downside is the whole day felt like a sales pitch.

    What about a roundtable format? Where the number of participants is limited, but they get to set the topics of conversation.

    • David Stagl
      6 years ago

      These are all things I’m considering.