Survey Says – Analyzers

Survey Says – Analyzers

So I’m just curious as to how many of you reading the blog are actually using an analyzer of some...

Your Eyes Can Also Deceive You

A few months ago I talked a bit about how what you see can affect your hearing in my Imaging...

New Year – New Poll

New Year – New Poll

Well, it’s not quite 2008, but I’ve got a new poll up to celebrate the upcoming year. I’m curious about...

New Poll:  Music Style

New Poll: Music Style

Well, my family is out of town right now so I’m home alone with the dog and the blog. There’s...

New Poll:  WFX 07 in Atlanta

New Poll: WFX 07 in Atlanta

I recently added a new poll for you to check out. Maybe this is a little premature, but the WFX...

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