Expert Training & Advice to Improve Your Church's Sound

Stop Struggling to Get Great Sound.

Going to 11


Seminars & Master Classes

Build your team’s foundation and knowledge in audio through personalized masterclasses and seminars perfect for groups of 5 or more.

1 on 1 Training & Coaching

Increase your skills with the guidance of a master audio engineer working right along side you in the familiarity of your environment.

Expert Advice

Maximize the audio for your church with the guidance of a trusted expert who isn’t going to sell you more gear to solve your challenges.

Our Process


We’ll discuss your unique audio situation and agree on a strategy for improving your experience.


We work directly with you and your team on-site or remotely to improve the audio experience in your church.


You and your team will continue developing independently based on our interactions.


We’ll follow up to see what’s working and what’s not and discuss any necessary next steps.

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