Home Movies: Rehearsal

West Rehearsal Home Movie – August 2008 from David Stagl on Vimeo.

Within this video, there is footage that answers the question I’ve been asked more than any question.

David Stagl

8 Responses to “Home Movies: Rehearsal

  • Wow, You guys have some really cool toys. Great video!

  • Luke Gervais
    16 years ago

    I have to ask…what’s the question?

  • Is the question… “What reverb do you use?”
    Because I’ve wondered that!

    Or maybe it’s… “Which way does the worship leader face?”

    No, wait, I’ve got it! “How many dB do you run the music?”

  • I agree with Bill, I think the question is,

    “How many dB do you run?”

  • Scott Fahy
    16 years ago

    ——–so when was the last time everything was calibrated and how accurate is that 95db we’re seeing anyway??

  • Scott, there isn’t any calibration schedule that we follow, but it gets done often enough that I would consider it accurate.

  • Scott Fahy
    16 years ago

    Ah just giving you a hard time. Seriously though, we found that our calibration gets out of wack after just a couple of times using the system. No matter how much we discuss there is always the tendency to change the gain on the measuring mic just a bit, which messes up the calibration. Have you had issues with that?

  • Our calibration might slip a little, but not much. In the east auditorium it’s maybe .1 or .2 dB over a few months. A lot of times we recalibrate because we think it’s off only to find out that it’s not. Our perception slips more over time than the measuring devices….