Thoughts on the Boss [off-topic]


I took the night off to see Springsteen at the United Center tonight. It was a cool show. He’s out on a solo acoustic tour right now. He wasn’t just playing acoustic guitar, but also electric piano, piano, and a pump organ. At one point he played an autoharp and a ukele. He also had a couple of big hollow body Gretch’s. For a solo show, it was loud…but it sounded goooood.

One of the coolest things was when I arrived they passed out a sheet of paper to everyone. Being a fan of actually listening to music at concerts, this was very cool because here are my favoirt points from the sheet:

We would like all of our guests to have a great experience at tonight’s performance!

  • Tonight’s show is a solo performance, set in a modified theatre-style arrangement.
  • There will be no intermission.
  • All guests must be seated at the start of the first song. There will be no seating during each song.
  • All curtains to the concourse will be closed during the entire performance.
  • All concession stands will close 10 minutes prior to the start of the show, and will remain closed for the duration of the show.

This made the experience so great because I didn’t have anyone in my row getting up to go get beer throughout the show. It was just a bunch of music fans sitting and listening to an amazing songwriter. It was exactly what a concert should be. I wish they could all be like this.

David Stagl

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