Version 2.1


George Clark and Bob Nahrstadt were in yesterday and today. Now that we’ve lived in the room for a little over a month, we were ready to make some final tweaks to the system. Yesterday they installed some new DSP cards in our Meyer 700HP subs. We spent today making some little tweaks here and there to the system and did some measurements to make sure the coverage is scientifically even. We had been getting comments about it being louder down in front so we took some measurements and tweaked things a bit so now what we hear at FOH is volumewise the same as the first couple rows.

Late this afternoon we started working on the subs. Yesterday when they put the new cards in the subs, we could definitely hear a difference when we A/B’ed a new and an old one with an iPod plugged in. But I didn’t realize how much of a difference it would make in the grand scheme of things. Wow! The subs were good before, but now they sound awesome. I didn’t think the room could sound any better, but we’ve got a whole lot more punch with less of the boominess. Very cool. I’m actually a bit disappointed that I’m not going to get to mix this weekend. I’ll be on vacation for a week starting tomorrow so I’ll just have to wait until next week to play.

David Stagl

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