The Polls are Open

I found a poll plugin for the blog so you’ll start seeing them in the left margin on the site. Unfortunately I’m not savvy enough at this time to get them into actual posts so if you’re reading via RSS, you’ll have to actually visit the site to participate.

The first poll is based on a comment on my last post that I’m just curious about. Would you guys be interested in training materials created by North Point? Bear in mind that while I am employed by North Point this question is not directly connected with North Point; it’s just coming from an employee wondering if there is interest in that sort of thing. Also understand that I’m not talking about creating new materials specifically for other churches. I’m thinking more in terms of training materials we are creating for our own team being made available beyond our walls. When weighing in, keep in mind that a lot of the material would be geared specifically for our own applications.

Briley and I talked a bit about a couple of things related to this today. For starters, we both agree that there are plenty of resources out there on audio; you can find links to some of them in the sidebar. While we love to export things that people are interested in knowing about, another issue is we don’t really have a lot of time to spend energy on creating resources specifically designed for other churches. But there might be potential to make things available in the future if there’s an interest. In the meantime I’m going to keep blogging about what I’m up to which could be a training resource in itself at some point.

I have some more thoughts on resources, but that’s for another post.

David Stagl

2 Responses to “The Polls are Open

  • Wayner
    17 years ago

    Kick down with the secret knowledge Dave. I’m sure there are more sponges like me out there soaking up whatever they can, whenever, and from any source. (of course, yours is the best…)

  • Thanks, Wayne, but I have no secret knowledge. There’s nothing I know that I haven’t learned from someone else.