Research Projects

So I feel like I’ve neglecting the blog as of late, and I’ll just blame holiday madness. The truth is I’ve actually been working on some posts, but lately I’m the 90% guy with them. I’ve been doing research and working on 2008 training curriculum for our volunteers, and I had a post based on some of that that’s probably coming. I just need to double-check some things in it first. It’s just more comb filtering, time domain blather so you’re probably not interested anyway.

I’ve also been behind because I’ve just been busy with some outside research projects. Last weekend my wife and I went to see the Police, and this week we’re going to see Kelly Clarkson. I’m especially looking forward to the show this week because it’s at the Cobb Energy Performing thing. If you were at WFX, it’s where they did the keynote, and I can’t wait to hear what a real show sounds like in there because it seemed like a great room. Research is fun.

Next weekend I’m heading out to visit my friend Joel at Newspring in South Carolina for their Sunday evening service. It is a bittersweet field trip, though. I’ve been trying to get out there to visit for a while now because they’re not very far from us, but in doing so I missed an opportunity to mix Shane and Shane in one of my rooms… The reality is, though, that I’ll probably have more fun visiting Newspring and listening to Joel rock the house. I will try and take some pictures while I’m there, too.

That’s all I’ve got right now. Hopefully I’ll be back next week with actual content.

David Stagl

2 Responses to “Research Projects

  • Kevin
    16 years ago

    Well, how was the sound at the Clarkson concert? Was she any good live?

  • I’ll say this. That girl can sing, but it was hard to hear at times because her vocal was underneath the BGVs.

    Other than that it was what I find to be a pretty typical concert mix these days. Maybe it’s just my taste, but it seemed harsh to me. Not terrible, but not my preference.