Off-Topic: Another Software Tool

Today one of my favorite pieces of software finally came out of closed-beta. I’ve been using Dropbox for a few months now, and it has quickly become an essential tool for me to stay organized and on top of things.

Dropbox serves a pretty basic function; it allows you to sync files between multiple machines. I bounce back and forth between Macs and PC’s all day long, and Dropbox keeps everything synced so that I have access to files whenever and wherever I need them. The minute you update something, it gets updated everywhere. I used to move files back and forth on USB drives or email things to myself and over time it would get hard to keep everything up to date. Dropbox has made this so much easier.

If you bounce between multiple machines and are looking for a way to get everything in sync, I suggest you check it out.

David Stagl

3 Responses to “Off-Topic: Another Software Tool

  • Jeff T.
    16 years ago

    I FINALLY got my bet invite yesterday! I can’t wait to try it out…

  • Great tip! I’ve got plenty of computers that I need to keep synced up. I wonder how much storage space you get for a free account… I guess I’m about to find out.

    I’ve also started using a VNC to access of work network from home. With Windows Remote Destop and TightVNC, I can use my work computers as if I’m in front of them or transfer files back and forth. That’s been a real timesaver too.

  • Tyler M.
    16 years ago

    Wow! This is a cool tool. This blog is starting to be a good source for neat little tools like this. Been using Synergy ever since I read about it on here too. One tool we’ve started using at church is Teamviewer. Works much like VNC or Windows Remote Desktop but is a whole lot easier to get connected with. It’s free for non-commercial use.