New Poll: WFX 07 in Atlanta

I recently added a new poll for you to check out. Maybe this is a little premature, but the WFX conference is in Atlanta this fall. I honestly wasn’t originally planning on going….but since it’s in Atlanta I’m thinking I’ll probably head over to check out the expo floor and maybe listen to one of the keynotes in particular…. I think more importantly, though, I would love to meet some of you guys who are reading the blog, and I’d go just to hang. So if you’re planning on coming out and would like to get together please let me know. If there are a lot of folks coming, maybe I’ll see if I can put something more formal-ish together for maybe Thursday evening.

David Stagl

2 Responses to “New Poll: WFX 07 in Atlanta

  • I had the pleasure of teaching at the first WFX with Anthony Coppedge and it was a really cool time had by all. Its worth checking out. Im going to try to get there this year so yea let us know if you put something together formally.

  • I’m thinking about bringing my production guys. We all read your blog and would enjoy meeting you and others. Let us know if you put a meeting together.