Casualties of Church

Blown 15 & Voice Coil

The last few weeks have been crazy. I don’t know how, but in my ten years of doing this audio thing for money I somehow managed to avoid ever dealing with a blown speaker. Well, that finally caught up with me, and this week we’re in the process of doing some major repairs on our west sound system. The photo here is of one of the 15″ drivers my faithful assistant, Luke, pulled out of one of our cabinets today. These boxes are 6 years old. The drivers have all been replaced at least once, and now we’re changing them all out again.

I spent most of the afternoon up on a lift today replacing the crossovers in every box in our main clusters today while Luke and one of our interns, Ryan, pulled the horns out and replaced the driver assemblies using the other lift. And in case you’ve been reading the blog for a while, I am still not a fan of heights so it was an interesting day. The initial plan was only to replace the horn assemblies (hi and mid/hi), but once we got into the boxes it turned out the 15’s are ready for retirement as well. I will say that the 15 in the photo was the only one in that condition. We are working on plans to preserve it because nobody on all our staffs has ever seen anything like that.

David Stagl

2 Responses to “Casualties of Church

  • Riceball
    17 years ago

    I always knew that all that bass would catch up with you one day. Just joking.
    You need about a dozen 700hp’s

  • Scott Fahy
    17 years ago

    Be thanful that’s all. A few years ago I did a show where the FOH dujour sent the system into so much distortion and clipping the 15″ in EV Deltamax cabinets caught on fire.