Myths and Legends

There is some really interesting stuff in this video. In particular, I love the demo that Poppy Crum does beginning around the 5:30 mark. After watching Poppy’s demo, think about it in the context of putting the lyrics up on screen on Sunday morning.

David Stagl

2 Responses to “Myths and Legends

  • Stephen Robertson
    14 years ago

    Yeah, the upside is that often the singer can botch the lyrics and no one even notices cause the audience thinks they heard what they saw. I also find that with lyrics on screen you can kinda bury a singer in the mix if they are not quite on it that day. The visual lyrics make up for the lack of audible detail.

    I really like AD/DA test at 41:18. Especially the 20 generation ad/da test, quite surprising.

  • Kyle McMahon
    14 years ago

    I just posted this link on facebook friday or saturday also. Great discussions and a lot of good points.