My New Favorite Channel


I’m not a big TV watcher. That doesn’t mean I don’t watch a lot of TV, it’s just mostly confined to DVDs. But I recently found my new favorite cable channel recently. It’s called MHD, MTV’s HD music channel. They actually show music and pretty much nothing else. And the beauty of it right now is there are barely any commercials other than station IDs and a :30 spot from Mitsubishi who is sponsoring it. They’re showing a ton of episodes of storytellers and a lot of live stuff right now. It’s nice to be able to watch and listen to real music on TV for a change, and the fact that it’s in high-def and 5.1 is a nice touch as well. Over the weekend my son and I watched John Fogerty live, the Foo Fighters live, and a cool little special on the Memphis music scene. Comcast just added it so you might also be a subscriber without knowing it… Check it out now while the commercials are slim and there is actual music.

David Stagl

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