Making a Concert: Part 4 – Rehearsals

Tonight is the night, and I’m typing this over breakfast. It’s about ten to 9am and I have a little over an hour before the last round of soundcheck and rehearsal starts with Fee. We spent yesterday morning rehearsing Todd Field’s band followed by a writing/arranging/rehearsal of Kristian Stanfill’s band in the afternoon. Kristian was sick, yesterday, so I’m hoping his voice will be doing a little better today. The bands sound great so far. This is going to be a very cool night tonight if I can get through the afternoon rehearsals.

I think I’m either going to mix with my custom earplugs in this afternoon or use headphones to shield my ears a bit because I’m running louder than normal. It will be fine for the length of the show, but my ears will be pretty fatigued by then if I listen to the PA all day long. I have an A2 coming in later this afternoon to have an extra set of ears on the thing since I’ve done so much mixing over the last couple days. This afternoon we’ll be recording safeties during rehearsals so the pressure is on right after lunch. It’s going to be a lot of fun tonight.

In one final piece of news, my buddy Kent at Clark ProMedia drove over the new version of the D-Show software yesterday morning. While the band was talking logistics on stage, I quickly installed the new software and had it up and running before they started. I was even able to get my new layout with channel blanks and safes all set before they started. I’ll have more thoughts on the new software in a future post, but I will say right now that I really dig the new stuff.

David Stagl

2 Responses to “Making a Concert: Part 4 – Rehearsals

  • Im interested in more about your custom plugs. How do you like them, where did you get them, how much, that kind of stuff. Have fun tonight!

  • I got them through the Live Wires guys when they did my molds for my in-ears. They are ER-15’s from Etymotic Research. I am very happy with them. I went to so many concerts for years with foam plugs, to have some musician’s plugs with a fairly flat response is great. Plus they fit great. I highly recommend getting a good pair of musician’s ear plugs for when you’re out and about…