Time to Relax


The concert Friday night turned out to be a great success from my perspective. The night was a blur for me, but somehow I found time to drink two bottles of water through the thing. There were some very cool moments throughout the night, that I’ll be curious to check out on the board mix at some point. It was definitely a highlight of my employment down here, and a great way to kick off my second year on staff.

An enormous part of the success was due to the hard work and dedication of our audio crew this week. My associate director Luke did a fantastic job managing the stage and volunteer backstage audio crew. He successfully controlled the chaos coordinating his four volunteers in making the bands feel comfortable and helping them through all their transitions. We had zero problems thanks to those guys. Everyone ended up on the right mic everytime. Everything worked everytime. From my perspective it ran flawlessly, and this was huge since everything was being recorded. These guys were nothing short of professionals. Chuck, Scott, Kevin, and Jordan, you guys rocked it!

I also have to thank some of our FOH volunteers for coming out and walking the room during rehearsals to make sure we had the system optimized for the night. A big shout out goes to Vance Kelly who was my A2 for the night. Vance came in Friday afternoon and really helped take the mix up a notch. He helped my tired ears get some sounds tweaked in along with running around the room and helping with last minute system tweaks. And then he continued on coaching me through the night and making sure our safety recording kept rolling. I couldn’t have hit things the way I did without Vance next to me for the concert so thanks Vance! I also want to thank Tom for coming out to help with overflow in our west auditorium. The night was a great illustration of how important team and community is to success.

Now I’m off for a long overdue vacation.

David Stagl

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