New Year – New Poll

Well, it’s not quite 2008, but I’ve got a new poll up to celebrate the upcoming year. I’m curious about who is mixing FOH at your church. Are your FOH engineers staff or volunteers or a mix? Please vote in the poll in the sidebar. Thanks!

David Stagl

5 Responses to “New Year – New Poll

  • I don’t know the answer for my church, can you help me out? I’m sure NP isn’t only staff, but I don’t know the ratio between staff and volunteers. And when you throw Upstreet, KidStuf, and the Attic into the mix, it get’s very complicated to answer a simple poll.

  • Good point. I guess I’m only thinking about “big” church right now.

  • I am the only full or part time staff in the tech media team. I run FOH for all services and also edit the telecast for our TV ministry. We have 4 volunteers that rotate on the TV mix in the control room and 6 volunteers for the camops and shader/director.

  • I have a great team of volunteers. We have 2 audio techs each week. Occasionally, like Christmas Eve I get to run audio, but other than that, I enjoy listening to my volunteers’ mix.

  • Wayne
    16 years ago

    Wow, I’m behind on my blog reading…

    I am one of 3 volunteers who run FOH sound for “big church”. We have 2 paid staff positions, one is our Tech Director, the other is our head of AV services (you know, the guy who keeps it all working and organized). Both are more than capable at FOH. But the focus of our team is to be a volunteer-based ministry in all disciplines. The staff usually takes care of the mid-week stuff (memorial services, weddings, etc).