WFX: Thursday is my Friday


My vacation was so enjoyable, I don’t think I’m quite back, yet. But I should be back posting with some actual content in the next week or so…maybe even sooner…

At any rate, my credentials came last week for WFX, so I guess I’ll be there a bit. My plan is to spend most of Thursday at the show. Our fearless leader is one of the keynote speakers so I’ll be there for that, plus my associate director had a lot of good things to say about Craig Groeschel when he spoke at Catalyst so I definitely want to check his keynote out as well. Beyond that I plan to roam the show floor in search of T-shirts and other swag. Beyond that, I would love to meet with any Going to 11 readers attending WFX.

So, if you’re attending WFX and would like to be involved in some sort of informal church audio techie gathering please leave a comment or contact me through the contact page, and I’ll see if I can’t throw something together–just make sure you put a valid email in there. It might just be a meet and greet at the show or maybe something offsite. So here are a few questions to answer if you contact me:

– Will you have access to transportation?

– Are you willing to drive a bit?

David Stagl

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