This Thing Comes in Handy….

So this month marks four years of Going to 11. Thanks again to everyone for reading over the years. Today served as a good reminder to one of the many advantages of keeping this journal of journeys in audio.

This week I’m drifting into pre-production for another Night of Worship we’ve got coming up in August. We do these a couple times a year, but this one will be a little different because once again it’s for a CD project. The last CD project we did was two years ago so this afternoon I was trying to remember how we did some things particularly at monitor world. I couldn’t find much in terms of records because my documentation process back then wasn’t quite as thorough as it is now; I don’t remember exactly when we switched everything to Google Docs online, but it was definitely after the last CD project.

Thankfully, I had Luke do a post here a couple years back on how we handled monitors for the project which came in very handy today. I guess today’s lesson is to keep detailed records whenever possible, and then don’t forget to blog about it.

David Stagl

2 Responses to “This Thing Comes in Handy….

  • Hey, stupid question, but anyway: Why do you make CD’s out of just a single night’s performance? With the Digidesign rigs you have, couldn’t you easily record every Sunday and choose the best from a whole heap of material? I’ve always wondered that. It seems like it would be less pressure on the bands and worship leaders.

    • That’s actually a good question, but I don’t really know why so I would only speculate which might not be good. That would be a better question for Reid, one of our music directors, over on his blog. http://reidgreven.wordpress.com