Stomp Your Foot

Here’s more of an announcement for all you fellow Venue users. The ability to assign a foot pedal to tap tempo has finally arrived in the form of a free upgrade for v2.7 users. I got to play with this a little early, and I’m pretty excited about it because it has been a sore spot for a lot of users that there was no tap tempo.

The cool thing to me is how they integrated it. Basically now the Venue has a master tempo setting which you can assign a foot pedal to control via tapping. One of Digi’s delay plugins and most importantly, Echo Farm, both support the ability to lock to a master tempo–Pro Tools has had this feature for a while. So now you can just lock those plug-ins to the master tempo and tap away.

What’s exciting to me is the future potential of this. I eagerly await the day I’ll be able to just snapshot the console’s master tempo so that I can instantly update multiple plugins without the need to scope them individually. I would also love to see some reverb plugs that will update pre-delay settings this way as well. And then I start thinking about the potential for the console to get that master tempo from something like a click track or some other rhythm based input. How cool would it be to not even have to think about this and just have your console get right in time with the band.

You can download the update HERE.

David Stagl

6 Responses to “Stomp Your Foot

  • John C
    16 years ago


  • I would love that. Right now I’m trying to set up a midi line from the drummers Yamaha ClickStation to the back of our effects rack.

  • Aaron Newberry
    16 years ago

    It’s a shame I don’t have Venue, ha.
    One thing I’ve been meaning to ask as of late is…
    You talk about the rep’s that you all have, like with Sennheiser and so forth.
    How did you go about acquiring those relationships?

  • Marc Bowyer
    16 years ago

    There aren’t enough words to describe how exciting this update is to me. And the added BONUS was the extra delay compensation fix. We use an AUX as a Booster to supplement the speaking mics for recording and our various foyer feeds and overflows, etc. It was driving me nuts trying to figure out why we were getting a “phasing” effect. Now I know it wasn’t me…

  • Sweet! Thanks for the heads up dave. I have also been eagerly awaiting this feature.

  • It’s funny the products you think would be common-place yet take years to come to market! Great audio blog, btw.