Road to Drive: 1 Week Out

Last week was rough. The majority of the week was spent putting up our new set for our latest series, and its visual simplicity belies the challenges involved in constructing and putting it up. Towards the end of the week we replaced some diaphragms in our balcony fills–maybe one of these days I’ll post some pictures of the old ones–and when I was up there today, there was definitely an improvement, although it still needs a little fine tuning.

This week we’re full on for Drive production in audio world. I plan to spend the next couple days checking the system tuning. We’ll spend Wednesday pinning the stage. Thursday and Friday are full days of rehearsals with music rehearsals in the day and run-throughs at night. If all goes according to schedule I’ll probably spend a good chunk of Saturday doing last minute touches to the mix. Next week once the conference starts, I honestly think we’re all going to relax a bit; this week will most likely be the big push.

I’m getting really excited for what’s going to happen over the next two weeks, and I’ll be back a little later this week with a Drive Survival Guide for production folks attending.

David Stagl

2 Responses to “Road to Drive: 1 Week Out

  • Dave, thanks for all the work you guys are putting into Drive. I am really looking forward to it. Will any of the guitarists be using X3’s?

  • Yes, but I’m not saying who until the conference is over…or at until the round table on Tuesday morning…