QuickTip – Pre-Delay Reverb Calculator

I found a cool little tool some of you might be interested in. I’ve been asked in the past for a copy of my delay times spreadsheet, but I found what I think is a better one online if you’re looking to play with setting reverb and pre-delay times to the tempo of a song.

I don’t typically set pre-delay times manually to the tempo of a song much these days because I’m usually using H-Reverb live. My vocal presets built-in to H-Reverb automatically update the pre-delay times if you tap a tempo into MultiRack or SuperRack so I don’t even think about setting them unless something seems way off. When I don’t have H-Reverb available, I think this is going to be quite helpful.

Here’s the address for the tool:


What I really like about this calculator is you can input your tempo and get a few different pre-delay times along with decay times for your reverb. The nice thing about those decay times is they account for the added pre-delay so you can keep your decay in time for the song along with your pre-delay. In practice, those decay times might need a bit of tweaking depending on the reverb you’re using and its particular envelope characteristics, but it will probably get you in the ballpark, or at least give you some ideas to try. If you scroll down the page, you can get a full list of note times for the tempo you input as well.

The website looks good on my iPhone, too, so I added it to my home screen, and I imagine this is going to replace a different app on my phone I’ve been using to get delay and pre-delay times when I don’t have access to my Waves plug-ins. There are some other tools on the website that might be helpful for you as well.

So if you’re looking for a BPM calculator, check out the site and see if it will help you.

David Stagl

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  • Hi Dave,
    Thank you for recommending my calculator! I am glad that it helps you and that you even use it on your mobile phone.