Questions Running Through My Head….


Just a smattering of random questions in no real order that run through my head at times while mixing….

  • Can I hear everything I’m supposed to hear?
  • Who’s got the melody?
  • Who’s got the rhythm?
  • Where does the rest of this stuff need to sit?
  • Acoustic guitar or $2000 washboard?
  • Where does this song need to go? Will the band get there or do I need to help?
  • What am I going to need to push on this song? What do I need to pull back? When am I going to do it?
  • The clean delay or the dirty delay?
  • Is he going to play it like that every time?
  • Can I hear the toms in the context of the mix?
  • Am I losing any bass notes?
  • Is the bass too loud?
  • Is it warm or muddy?
  • Will anyone notice if I bury that?
  • Why isn’t it glued together?
  • Is it too compressed?
  • What just happened?
  • Is the mic bad or is his amp messed up?
  • Am I getting predictable?
  • More snare crack or snare meat?
  • Am I overdoing the delay?
  • Should I overdo the delay?
  • Is it present or does it hurt?
  • Will it be OK when people get in the room?
  • Will anybody else notice besides me?
  • What just happened?
  • Am I missing ghost notes on the snare?
  • Was that feedback?
  • David Stagl

    2 Responses to “Questions Running Through My Head….

    • Ken Shaffer
      13 years ago

      Where’s that low end build-up coming from? Oh, it’s the kick drum just barely being tapped every 8th note to open the compressor gate…. back to the release/decay, but then when he, well, ….

    • Jim Doolittle
      13 years ago

      Thanks for sharing Dave, I’ve had a few of those thoughts myself. I got a bit of a chuckle out of the last one!! Funny how that one will get our attention in nothing flat!