One of my latest tools

So I’ve been using a program called Evernote for a couple months now to basically take notes while I’m researching things on the web, in meetings, or just when I get a random thought. It’s nice when I’m on the web because I have a little button in my toolbar in Firefox to clip notes. So if I’m in a forum and read a cool tip, I can just select the text I want to save, and then click my clip button in my bookmarks toolbar. It does a lot more, but it’s sort of hard for me to explain so here’s a video about Evernote:

So I have ten invite codes if you’re interested in this. First 10 people to comment will get one.

David Stagl

16 Responses to “One of my latest tools

  • Dave,

    If you don’t mind, I’d love an invite. This looks like a great tool.

    david wilcox

  • Taylor
    16 years ago

    I would love one if possible!

  • Ethan Bolvi
    16 years ago

    I would definitely appreciate the chance to try it out if possible. Thanks Dave!

    Technical Director
    Apex Community Church

  • I would also like an invite. This would be perfect for some of the stuff I do.


  • Eric Rizner
    16 years ago


    Thanks for suggestion on something to help with productivity. I always have a ton of links on my desktop. This seems to really help keep things organized. I’d love an invite.


  • Jonathan
    16 years ago

    Looks very useful!


  • me too!

  • Eric McCoy
    16 years ago

    That would be awesome for remembering things that come up in our creative meetings.

  • If you have one left…I’ll take a referral.

  • Looks like an awesome tool!
    Would love an invite code…thanks!!

  • Hi Dave, if you have any invites left I would like to take you up on your offer. I could use it when researching topics for the FaithTools podcast. Great blog! Thanks, Colin

  • Guess I’m too late…….. story of my life, but being the 11th comment on Going to 11 makes me happy:)

    Anyone else want to send me an invite?

  • Carl M.
    16 years ago

    I’d love to get an invite!! Did I make it??



  • Hey Dave!

    Thanks for the invite code for Evernote! Wow…this is a great tool! Have already put it to good use!

    Thanks again!

  • Carl, you didn’t make it. But maybe one of the guys who got an invite can hook you up because they should have some of their own now…

  • Tom Lister
    16 years ago

    I know I am past number 10 but if you come across another invite it would be greatly appreciated!