On the Road to Dallas


I’m excited to let you guys know I’m going to be in Dallas in early May. In addition to trying to visit every possible Dallas location of In-N-Out, I will be speaking at the Tribe Tech Team Summit presented by Church Production LIVE! on May 7 & 8. I’m going to be presenting two sessions at the event featuring content I haven’t published here.

My first session is on Recruiting Volunteers and Maintaining a Growth Culture. I’m looking forward to this session because one of the aspects of my days on church staff I don’t get to talk about much is the volunteer and staff management side of things. In my first church staff gig we grew the audio team from 4 volunteers to 12 in about two and a half years and at North Point I had two dozen audio volunteers on the team I was leading. I think a lot of people want to look at volunteer recruitment as a kind of “one and done” thing, but it doesn’t work that way. Turnover in any organization is inevitable to a certain degree so I’m going to be talking about strategies for recruitment and how to make it a part of your culture.

The second session I’m presenting is on Stages and Strategies for Mastering Mixing. Someone said it best at a recent training & development visit I did: “Training is not an innoculation.” One of the places where training gets complicated and confusing for audio in the church is that mixing is not actually a technical discipline. Mixing is a musical discipline. It’s a craft and an art that must be developed, and training is just one piece of that puzzle. So in this session I’m going to talk about my roadmap for developing and mastering the craft of mixing. I’m going to talk about where to start with new engineers and how to maximize and focus ongoing development so you can help your team continue to improve.

The Tribe Summit is taking place at Valley Creek Church in Flower Mount, Texas on May 7 & 8, 2018. You can find out more information about the event including the other sessions taking place at the website here: Tribe 2018

There’s an early bird registration rate going on right now through March 19 so if you’re thinking about attending, I recommend you sign up this week. In addition, I have a code you can use at any time to get another $10 off which you can spend with me talking audio at In-N-Out. That code is “VCTRIBE”. Visit the website to register.

David Stagl

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