NP Live 2009 – Day 1: Load-In

The rest of the behind-the-scenes on the all-campus opener we did last week is coming, but first I need to get through this week. This Thursday we’re recording another live CD at North Point so this week is CD week. We’ve brought in a bunch of gear for the night so here’s a quick run-down and some photos from day 1’s load-in.

– 10 Meyer Sound M3D Subs: After trying the 700HP’s at DRIVE ’09, we wanted to hear what a difference cardioid subs would make. These things are stupid heavy. I am not looking forward to load-out.

– 10 Meyer Sound M1D’s: We’re using these as front fills. They’ll help pull the image down and will also make the subs sitting right in front of the first row feel better.

– Digidesign Profile: We determined the best way to handle monitors for the night would be to bring in a digital console so we rented a Profile. The rental FOH and Stage Racks are at Monitor World, and we put our FOH D-Show at Monitor World since our Monitor Engineer is more familiar with the D-Show. I put the Profile out at FOH because I am less familiar with it, and it’ll make things interesting for me.

M3D Subs Load-In
Sub Load-In

2 out of 10
JJ and Me with 2 of 10 M3D Subs
Power Distro for Subs and Front Fills
Sub World - NP Live '09
Sub World
FOH - NP Live '09
Monitor World - NP Live '09
Monitor World
David Stagl

5 Responses to “NP Live 2009 – Day 1: Load-In

  • John Forbis
    15 years ago

    I soooooo wish I could be there for this recording!

  • Steve
    15 years ago

    I was at Drive and those 700HPs did rock, but you really should give some Danleys a listen before you commit to Meyer:)

  • Danley doesn’t make directional subs.

  • Steve
    15 years ago

    True True, but for what the Meyers cost you could probably buy double the danley cabs, do the cardioid processing yourself, and have more headroom and money to spare. Just a guess though. Does the band whine about not feeling the lowend?

  • I don’t have the physical space to do a cardioid configuration using traditional subs.

    The band thought the cardioid subs were great. You still get low end up there, but it’s greatly reduced and a lot cleaner than our current setup.