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So here’s a quick one for you about a couple of new audio-related resources out there. First up is OwntheMix.com Own the Mix is web-based audio training primarily geared towards church sound techs and is the brainchild of a couple of Buckhead Church staffers. One of the biggest questions we get at FOH from visiting churches is in regards to training resources so Dustin Whitt (Buckhead’s Audio Director) and Chris Green (Buckhead’s Music Director) decided to create their own resource, and the result is OwntheMix.com. The embedded YouTube video will give you a taste of their approach to training which is primarily video based which is great because you can see and hear what’s going on. In addition, the website features interviews with other engineers such as Jeff Sandstrom (Chris Tomlin’s FOH engineer) and myself. Plus there are forums and some social networking stuff. If you’re looking for something personally or for your team, check it out.

Next up is a new book I got right around Father’s Day, Behind the Glass: Volume II. It’s basically a book of interviews with some top name music producers including Bruce Swedien, Daniel Lanois, T-Bone Burnett, and a whole bunch more. I was a big fan of the first volume so picking up the second one was a no-brainer for me, and once again it contains some cool insights.

David Stagl

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  • kyle mcmahon
    15 years ago

    great idea…. A little pricey though.