More Power


Even though I’ve been working on the proposed sound system upgrades for about six months now, it was only a couple weeks ago when we finally got the go ahead and budget approved to essentially replace our entire sound system in the main auditorium. Since a lot of the system is relatively new, we’ll be transplanting a large chunk of it into the upcoming children’s theatre and activity center refit.

We’re in the process right now of making some minor tweaks to the system design since there were some different options that would impact the final design when we submitted the budget and design proposals. But that’s OK because there is work that needs to get done on site before we start bringing in the new stuff.

The first step is to do some major electrical system upgrades. We’re practically getting an entire new electical system for the sound and video. Our current electrical system doesn’t have a true isolated ground and as a result, our sound system is a little noisy and there are some nasty hum bars on our projection screens. In addition to fixing this, the electrical upgrades are going to add some much needed new circuits to give us enough power for the Meyer powered speakers we’ll be flying. These upgrades are underway, and I’ll try and start posting photos soon.

David Stagl

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