Flap Your Pants and Thump Your Heart


Our main auditorium isn’t a traditional church by any stretch of the imagination; it’s a 2000 seat theatre. The stage is over 40 feet wide. The seats are theatre seats. The lights move. There is a full band every week. This isn’t a traditional church. We needed a company that understood this before we could go about upgrading our sound system.

After talking with several audio consulting companies that design sound systems for non-traditional churches, we decided to hire Clark ProMedia based in Atlanta, GA to handle the modeling, design, and implementation for the room. We had previously worked with CPM while setting up our first satellite campus which opened in the fall of 2004. CPM worked with us in a best practices approach to the facility by helping with some equipment selections and design tweaks here and there. We decided to go to the next level with them on this project by employing their full capabilities for sound system design. They are a great bunch of guys to work with, and they share my team’s values for a full-on sound experience.

We host a variety of styles of music and performance in our auditorium ranging from classical to alternative rock to theatrical productions. One of the guys on my team wants to be able to achieve results on par with what you’d hear if you went to a show at Disney World. We want to create an impactful experience with sound. Personally, I want a rock and roll church that goes to 11. It’s not always rock, but when it is we need to to do it right. To me music is more than just hearing, it’s something you need to feel to really experience it. To quote one of CPM’s designers, we want to “flap your pants and thump your heart.”

In March we brought in the band Salvador to lead our worship on a Sunday morning. We brought in a separate sound system for the event. It was awesome. Our senior pastor had my team grinning when he said that’s what he wants it to sound like every week. Full, powerful, impactful. We’re on our way.

David Stagl

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