Mix Nashville

NPM Audio Team meets George Massenburg

So, we were in Nashville last week for the Mix Nashville thing. Here we are with George Massenburg.

As for the event, here’s all I’m going to say about it. It wasn’t a total bust. We had fun as a team. We had fun hanging with the Digidesign guys. We had fun hanging with the Meyer guys. We had fun with the McDSP guys. George Massenburg is cool.

But f I had known what it was going to be like, I would have stayed in Atlanta and wouldn’t have sold my ticket to see the Eagles.

David Stagl

4 Responses to “Mix Nashville

  • So fess up. What was it like? 🙂 I almost made the drive but didn’t.

  • Wes H.
    16 years ago

    Always cool to meet one of the guys who invented the parametric EQ. wouldn’t it be great to have 2-5K to drop for one of his compressors or pre-amps?

  • Well…it was kind of poorly organized and a lot of the guys speaking just came across as bitter old engineers who hate plugins and overcompressed records….that…they…all…worked on….soooooo
    there you go….

  • Chris
    16 years ago

    I didn’t know you gave up Eagles tickets for that? Bummer!