Lord-Alge Wisdom

A mixer’s job is to make the song work, not the mix work.
– Chris Lord-Alge

When I heard the quote above it was like a bomb went off because it really sums up a lot of what I’ve been trying to get at this year talking about music. I think a lot of us miss this, but it’s almost as fundamental as it gets. Don’t be surprised if you see this quote come up from me again.

This quote comes from a recent interview with Chris Lord-Alge I found on YouTube. I’ve mentioned it before, but CLA has been a pretty big influence on my mixes, and that probably stems from the fact that Bob Clearmountain(another big influence) was a big influence on Chris.

I realize that CLA’s personality and mixes don’t resonate with everyone, but there is some great stuff in this interview that also demonstrates why he became and has remained one of the top-tier mix engineers of the last 25 years. The interview is embedded below in the post.

David Stagl

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