I figured it out

I figured out what happened on Sunday. It really wasn’t loud enough.

How did I figure it out? Well, I recalibrated Smaart about 5 times tonight, and it just continues to freak out. Smaart just doesn’t seem to want to hold the settings. I’ve never run into this before so I’m going to have to dig a bit in the program and see if there’s a setting off somewhere. It’s very weird. Several times tonight I threw our calibrator up on the mic, calibrated Smaart, and then five minutes later Smaart was reading about 5 dB above what it actually was in the room. This was driving me nuts tonight. This will also be very bad on Sunday because the last thing I want is for the people sitting behind FOH to catch a glimpse or the meter when it’s reading +5 dB or more off. If I figure out how to fix this, you’ll hear it here first…

David Stagl

One Response to “I figured it out

  • Grab one of the little Radio Shack digital meters for a backup. They are pretty accurate and nice and portable.

    Thanks for all the fun here BTW, always a good read.