Drum Capture

I don’t really have a true post this week because I’m on vacation, but here’s something for your weekend.

Apogee Electronics has been releasing videos lately on recording drums featuring one of my all-time favorite engineers, Bob Clearmountain, and one of my all-time favorite drummers, Matt Chamberlain. This week they released a video on using multiple mics which is probably closest to what we typically would do for live sound.

I love this video because I’ve been using these same mic techniques on drums for years, although some of my mic choices tend to be a little different. Especially note what Clearmountain says about positioning the tom mics. I see so many live engineers do the exact opposite and wonder why their drum sounds aren’t hitting their true potential.

At any rate, the video is embedded below. Enjoy!


David Stagl

2 Responses to “Drum Capture

  • if i have a very loud drum fill i tend to close mic toms as far as i can.