Drive 2011 Is Here!


This week is our annual Drive Conference at North Point. This year I’m not mixing FOH for any of the main sessions, and it has honestly taken a big load off me so that I could take care of all the Drive audio prep and organization while staying focused on Sundays. Chris Briley is mixing FOH and from what I heard during rehearsals, this year is going to be great on the audio side. I’ve been making mental mixing notes all week.

If you weren’t able to get a ticket or make it down this year, we will be streaming the first session live online at 7:30pm EST Monday night. I’ll be in the studio handling the broadcast mix for the stream this year. You can watch at the following location: http://northpointonline.tv/drive/. This is a one-time only thing so if you miss it live, you miss it.

I know I typically post a Drive survival guide for attenders, but there aren’t really any changes from last year’s. If you are attending this year and want to say hello, I should be around FOH for all of the main sessions except for the first.

See you at Drive!

David Stagl

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