Developing Staff and Volunteers in 2022


One of the biggest challenges I keep hearing about from churches is regarding staff and volunteer development. I’m hearing many churches are feeling even more pressure than before to make their service experience in the room and online the best it can possibly be as they push through this ongoing pandemic. So how do you grow your team’s skills and get the results you’re after?

There are more resources available today than ever before, but I haven’t seen anything help more than in-person audio training. That’s why it has remained my primary focus in helping churches improve their audio both in the room as well as for their online broadcasts.

In person audio training helps people go places faster. It allows for direct interaction and instant answers to questions. It lets me to meet volunteers and staff right where they are in their development to focus on areas that will bring the most improvement. When I’m right next to someone I can also offer different approaches and explanations to make sure concepts really hit as we work together.

In-person opportunities also provide the best audio reference for staff and volunteers. We work with your musicians in your space using your equipment. It’s often eye-opening for church teams when I demonstrate what things could actually be like especially when coupled with the opportunity for me to explain what I’m doing and why I’m doing it. When I finally head home, teams are in a better place than when I arrived and have a great new starting point on their console for the coming weeks.

“In-person” usually means having me on site, but these days there are also effective remote options. Sometimes a simple chat on the phone is all that’s needed, but there are also ways for me to remote in to your equipment.

Are you ready to improve your audio this year? Can you and your church afford not to? Let’s chat about how we can improve your audio together.

David Stagl

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