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Sorry for my continued absence. There’s just a lot of stuff swirling in my world and as this is a side thing it’s on back burner for a bit longer, but I’ll have a wrap up from the Night of Worship hopefully later this week…

Anyway, I just wanted to throw a quick one out for anyone who’s coming to Atlanta for Catalyst this week. Here’s a quick FAQ:

1.) Are you mixing Catalyst?
A: No.

2.) Why aren’t you mixing? Isn’t North Point involved in Catalyst?
A: No. You will see a lot of folks involved at North Point involved with Catalyst, but Catalyst is a separate organization. They get their own people to handle the conference and some of those people might just happen to be from North Point. I see Catalyst much like Passion Conferences; they are a friend of the family.

3.) Will you be at Catalyst?
A: Not officially….

Now, if you are coming down to Atlanta, please drop me a line. I’m not quite sure what my schedule is going to be like towards the end of the week–I might try to sneak over to Catalyst if I can–but depending on schedules and who’s interested, I would love to do an audio/production/worship hang Thursday evening if folks are interested and there’s not something cooler connected with the conference going on. So if you’re interested in getting together, please just leave me a comment and also include if you have transportation and are interested in coming out closer to North Point or if you need to gather closer to the venue.

David Stagl

2 Responses to “Catalyst Stuff

  • Why are you not mixing catalyst? Where is Dustin’s blog.

  • I’m not mixing because nobody asked me to.