Audio Meetups at Gurus 2012 – Chicago


I’m getting pretty excited about the Gurus of Tech Conference up in Chicago next week which I heard sold out this week. Last year’s conference in Chicago was great, and I’m sure this year will be another great experience.

Right now it looks like the breakout I’m participating in isn’t until Wednesday morning, but if you have questions or topics you want to chat about you don’t need to wait until then. Please feel free to come up to me and ask away at any time during the conference. My main reason for participating in Gurus is to be a resource for others so I’d love to help you out if I can.

In order to help make it easier to talk audio, I’d like to organize a couple of informal audio meet-ups for anyone who’s interested. I’ll do the first one at dinner on Tuesday night. I’ll be heading over to Portillo’s with everyone else for the CTLN meet-up so if you’d like to talk audio, come on over. I’ll probably also be with my friends Mike Sessler and Jason Cole so there will be plenty of us willing to talk audio. Plus, Jason’s a big dude so you should be able to pick us out in the crowd.

We’ll probably also do a 2nd meetup after the main session on Tuesday night. I’m sure a group of us will be going out, and the best way to find out where will be to check my Twitter feed on Tuesday night.

Outside of that, you can probably find me during the conference after the audio breakouts or at lunch. I’ll also most likely be out in the lobby on Wednesday sometime around lunch until the final main session. If I’ve got some downtime, and I’m hanging out somewhere, I’ll try and Twitter it so you can find me.

And as I said at Church Tech Weekly, please don’t be intimidated if there are a bunch of us circled up and talking. A lot of us going this year know each other and we’re all a bunch of introverts so we’ll naturally gravitate towards the people we know, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be someone we know. Come on up and introduce yourself.

And on one last note, if you’re at all interested in multi-site stuff, my friend and TD for North Point Ministries, Brendon Petty, will be at Gurus on Wednesday and part of a breakout on multi-site solutions. I’d suggest you check out his breakout and ask him your multi-site questions because he’s a genius about that stuff.

See you in Chicago. Safe travels, everyone.

David Stagl

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