Another Great Tool

Sorry PC users, but this will be a Mac targeted post. While I remain a cross-platform computer user, I spend most of my time doing admin things on my Mac, and that’s what I’m talking about today. However, if PC users now of a program that can do the same thing as this one, I would LOVE to know because I could definitely use it at times when I’m in PC land.

Lately I’ve been using a program called Skitch quite a bit. Skitch is a pretty basic graphic editor that let’s me do some quick graphics related stuff. It’s perfect for adding text or resizing graphics to send out or use in a document.

My biggest use of Skitch right now is in preparing training materials for volunteers. I’ve been taking a lot of screen captures, and Skitch lets me mark the screens up and tweak them a bit before I add them to a document. The beauty of the program is how fast and easy it is to label, crop, and/or resize an image.

audio track - labeled.jpg

The image on the right is a perfect example. I’m working on some Pro Tools intro materials, and with Skitch I was able to quickly point out some things and then add it to my training documents.

You can find out more about Skitch by visiting the website or watching the video below.

David Stagl

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