Wires everywhere


Here are some photos of the electrical system upgrades in progress. In order, here are the photos:

  1. This is the main electrical room. There is another room just overhead where the new panels for the technical power are going to go. We had been planning on putting the new isolated ground transformer in the room above, but then we found out how much it weighs.
  2. These are some of the many new wires that will feed the new technical power panels.
  3. Some of the many spools of wire.
  4. These are some of the new circuits for the new Monitor World we’re putting in with the upgrades. These will also power our wireless mics and the stage racks for the new FOH console.
  5. These are just a couple of the new circuits being added in our catwalks for the powered speakers. No more separate amps in a room, everything will be up in the air.
David Stagl

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