While You’re in Limbo

It’s been a crazy week here in Georgia with a lot of churches and schools closing down for anywhere from a few weeks to indefinitely. If you’re on staff–or even volunteering–at a church during our current situation with Sundays shut down, this might be a great opportunity for you to take care of some things.

For example, down time is a great time to get in some preventative maintenance. Clean your fan filters. Reset your cables. Dust off your gear. Line check and test everything. Clean everything.

Other things you can do:

  • Backup all of your consoles and system processing files
  • Fix the broken stuff you’ve been meaning to fix
  • Talk to me about consulting on how you can take your church’s audio to the next level
  • Relabel things
  • Brush up on your mixing skills in virtual soundcheck
  • Create or update your equipment inventory
  • Create or update any existing documentation on your system
  • Schedule a time to get your PA tuning checked and adjusted by Me.
  • Touch base and reconnect with your volunteers
  • Take that old gear that’s been sitting around and put it up for sale on Ebay or Reverb or Facebook
  • Schedule some future training for you and your team with me!
  • Take a day or two off for once!!

    What are you going to do while things slow down?

  • David Stagl

    One Response to “While You’re in Limbo

    • Art H
      4 years ago

      Actually for us as a smaller church that didn’t stream it’s pretty hectic as we rush to get a streaming service going. And getting good sound quality into the stream :-).