While I’ve Got Your Attention….

So while I’ve got your attention with the PA install I wanted to do a shameless plug for something I’m going to be taking part in a little later this year. Mark your calendars because at the end of June I’m going to be teaching a few classes at the Gurus of Tech conference held in Louisville, KY at Southeast Christian Church. The dates are June 28-30 which is at the beginning of the week so you can still make it back in time to prepare for Sunday.

This is a conference for production and tech folks that are down in the trenches making Sundays happen, and one of the things that excited me about getting involved in the conference is it’s free to attend. That means this is a very accessible event for staff AND volunteers alike. You just need to get your team there.

And like the Dirt Conference, I’m not going to be talking about how you need the latest and greatest gear to make things happen. I’m going to hit on very practical topics like EQ and compression and how you can take some ideas and approaches back to your church so that you can work on honing and building your chops over time with what you have now.

If you still need more reason to come down, some of the other audio track classes are going to be led by my good friend Scott Ragsdale from Willow Creek. Scott is one of the guys I love to bounce ideas off of and mine for wisdom so it’s going to be very cool for me to be presenting alongside him.

If you are leading a team or even just part of one, I think this is an event you should pack everyone in the car for. I know I’m not only looking forward to sharing some of the things I’ve been learning over the last year, but to also come back home with some new ideas.

And now I return you to the saga of the PA install….

David Stagl

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  • Any chance of video taping them and posting them on YouTube? I won’t be able to make it up there from SWFL, but would be real interested in watching them.