Two Auditoriums and a Trip to AZ


So a while back I said I was going to explain why we have two auditoriums. I just found out that Technologies for Worship magazine did a little bit of a write-up on video and satellite churches in April. A little bit into the article is “A Brief History of North Point” where you will find a pretty good explanation for why we have two auditoriums and our other two campuses. Other than that, the article is mostly a lot of video babble you might find interesting if you don’t mind that sort of thing, but just remember what my friend George Clark says, “Video without audio is just surveillance.” The author also has some cool things to say about his experience visiting our Buckhead campus before they moved to new facilities last month. Follow the LINK if you’re interested…

I’ll be back either later this week or next probably talking about my Arizona experience. I’m headed out west along with Brandon, our audio director at Buckhead. While it’s a work trip, I think this is going to be somewhat of a vacation of sorts because it will most likely be a kid-in-a-candy-store experience for me. I’m hoping to walk away with a bunch of great info not just from Scovill but also from the other audio pro’s I’ll get to hang out with. AND I just found out that they have In N Out Burger in Arizona so this trip just keeps looking better.

David Stagl

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