They Don’t Go Home Humming the…..


We were watching a documentary on the U2 360 tour as a team this week, and Joe O’Herlihy invoked the oft-used “They don’t go home humming the….” phrase in reference to the “lights.” The true origins of the expression are probably unknown. The most frequent use of the phrase I hear is Robert Scovill’s oft-quoted “They don’t go home humming the bass drum,” although Scovill has readily admitted that he was actually paraphrasing Bruce Swedien’s quote, “They don’t go home humming the console.”

So this got me thinking that it’s probably time to start a list of all the things They don’t go home humming. This list is by no means exhaustive so please add your own to the list in the comments:

Nobody Goes Home Humming….

  • The Console (Bruce Swedien)
  • The Bass Drum (Robert Scovill)
  • The Lights (Joe O’Herlihy)
  • The Drums
  • The Snare Reverb (Dave Rat c/o Jason Cole)
  • The PA
  • The IMAG
  • The Carpet
  • David Stagl

    2 Responses to “They Don’t Go Home Humming the…..

    • Jon Lillie
      13 years ago

      …that really expensive mic that has the perfect frequency response.
      …Mesa Boogie cab that a digitech pedal board could reproduce.
      …12core mac that is running Pro Presenter.
      …the 30″ touch screen display you just had to have because then you don’t have to use the mouse your hand sits next to.

      oh, I could go on and on, but I won’t (it might get a little vindictive).


    • Great Post!
      It really made me stop and think about what is truly important in my mix.
      I would love for the drums to be the most important thing, but in our setting, the church, the vocals have to be money!
      I will be thinking about this on Sunday when I stand behind the console.
      I want the first time guest to be able to leave humming the melodies!!!

      Thanks for the reminder to focus on what is important!!!