The Journey Continues – December 2018

Last month was a blur, or maybe my mind just blurred it. I spent a lot of it out on the road, and apparently I brought an unexpected souvenir back with me from the last leg.

I went into early November with a light cold that transitioned into one of those coughs that seems like it’ll never go away. Well, getting home after Thanksgiving, the cough I thought was nearly gone started ramping up again until late last week when it blossomed into full-on flu.

The flu is no joke. I think I spent at least three days mostly sleeping, then a couple more days with some pretty significant napping, and my energy has slowly been coming back this week. I got so tired of being sick and so tired of sleeping, and yet I continued to sleep. I even had to call in sick on mixing a Sunday, which is something I’ve done maybe one other time in the last 10 years. Every time I think or thought I was over it, Mr. Flu came back with a reminder. I still don’t feel like I’m quite back at 100%, and I don’t even think I had it that bad.

Normally I wouldn’t bother to mention any of this, but we’re in the holiday season which means a lot of work in the church production world. We’ve intentionally cut back on my travel schedule this month so I can be home after spending the last three Christmases on the road, and then rescheduling a couple of projects for 2019 just before I got sick was a blessing in disguise.

I know a lot of you aren’t slowing down, though, so do what you can to stay healthy. Get as much sleep and rest as you can. And if you do unfortunately come down with something whether it’s just a light cold or full on flu, don’t mess around with it. It’s just not worth it. Go home and rest so you get better faster and don’t end up infecting the rest of your production family.

While I may be off the road this month, I’m not on vacation. I have some mixing projects I’m doing in my studio, and then I’m looking forward to helping my friends over at Decatur City Church close out their portable run just in time for Christmas. I’m also hoping to find a bit of time to continue working on that new mixing workshop I may or may not take on the road at some point. Hopefully I’ll have more information about that in early 2019.

I have some articles I’m working on as always, but I’d love to know if there’s a topic you’d like to hear about. Just let me know in the comments.

David Stagl

3 Responses to “The Journey Continues – December 2018

  • Mark Lancaster
    5 years ago

    Hi David, I hope you get better & stay better!! Bless you ~

    I could appreciate your second opinion on some sound texturing for our small church & using IEM. Thanks for your time the busy holiday season!! Mark Lancaster

    • David Stagl
      5 years ago

      Can you clarify what you mean by “sound texturing”?

  • Art Hays
    5 years ago

    They provide the shot at my work every year. So I hadn’t had the flu in many years. Then last year the shot didn’t cover well and I got it. I really agree it’s no joke and I even took Tamiflu right away. Amazing how hard & quickly it hits and the recovery time.

    CDC reports two states experiencing high flu activity- Louisiana and Georgia.