Soft Launch…


Well, we opened our KidsWorld Theatre today along with our new children’s wing. The experience was kind of a mixed bag for me. Overall, the theatre is at about 90% completion right now, but it was functioning enough to get through the morning. The auditorium opening last fall felt a lot smoother to me, but then that system was completely finished and we’re still waiting on a couple things in the kid’s theatre like the stage to get finished. I guess that’s what happens when you lock your open date in stone. But everything should be hooked up by next weekend, and now we start the process of fine tuning the system.

Despite the behind the scenes stuff, the kids LOVED their new space! Some of them were even a little wigged out by all the lights and the shear size of the thing. The grand opening is still a few weeks away so everything should be rocking by then.

David Stagl

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