The House is a Rockin
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Tonight we truly tested the new sound system. Matthew West performed in concert tonight to help raise money for our Great Day of Serving. The Great Day of Serving is a one day event where we send 1000’s of people out into the community to serve. The concert was held to raise money to help pay for supplies such as paint, tools, etc. The event was a great success on all sides.

Matthew West’s FOH engineer had our PA SLAMMING tonight! I am still continually impressed at how it performs. With levels in excess of 100 dBA, there was ZERO harshness. The loudspeakers were just sooooo super smooth. Earlier in the week I saw Pearl Jam at the United Center and then the Freddy Jones Band at the House of Blues last night, and there is just no comparison between our PA and those other two; granted our acoustics helped a lot in comparison to the United Center, but I think our PA was still on top. The combination of our Meyer speakers and the Digidesign Venue was pure sound heaven. I can’t remember a concert where I was happy to pull my earplugs out. It was awesome. Kudos once again to Clark ProMedia and their design!

I also got the opportunity to mix for the opener Monk and Neagle which was a nice change from our typical Sundays. Both Monk and Neagle and Matthew West and his band were a pleasure to work with. Good times!

David Stagl

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