September in Atlanta


I hate to do a plug because I feel like I’ve been short on content lately, but I figured I should put this out there before I forget. I’ll have actual content again very soon, though.

This September I’m going to be on a panel for one of the Tech Director Retreats at the WFX conference in Atlanta. I’m joined by a lot of great friends including Scott Ragsdale from Willow Creek, Lee Fields from Bayside, Andrew Stone from Church on the Move, and Brad Duryea from Lakewood. We’re going to talk about all kinds of audio issues as they relate to the church. I’m told this will also be interactive with those attending as well so it’s not just going to be us doing all the talking. I think it’s going to be a great event since we have a lot more time than the typical conference breakouts so we should be able to cover a lot of stuff.

The panel is on Wednesday September 18th from 10:30am-1:30pm. Let me know if you’ll be there below.

David Stagl

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