RF Week: Wrap Up

Photoblog:  Checkin' the Mics

Sunday went very smoothly on our end, and we had no problems in our auditoriums. Putting a new mic on our senior pastor always gets me a little more focused, but the operation of the gear was great. I also loved being able to use Wireless Workbench again and to have the ability to monitor our speaker’s mic’s RF and battery levels. I was also quite happy with the way the gear was sounding.

Now, I did hear about a couple of IEMs sounding a bit weird in the Attic, but I expected there could be a couple little things on Sunday when things really starting turning on so this was not a big deal. We’ve also already gotten some potential new frequencies along with some other things to check.

So at this point, I’m confident in declaring the transition a success. There’s always potential for little things to creep in over the next couple months because in a facility our size the possibility remains that we might have missed something in spite of our thoroughness. Our next big test of the system will be this Thursday when we have Catalyst in for a one day conference. I’ll be mixing monitors for a change so if you’re coming out for the conference, let me know so I can say hello.

David Stagl

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