RF Week: Day 3


We spent the morning in meetings, but we were back at RF stuff after lunch. JJ picked up our final UHF-R dual receiver on his way in, and I set about pulling the last UHF unit and installing the new one. We were one shy because we transferred one of our new receivers and a bodypack down to Buckhead Church a couple weeks ago to standardize the RF signal chain we’re using for message capture on all our campuses. Once I had the new unit in and setup, I spent most of the rest of the afternoon working on my mixes for the Night of Worship and Sunday. While I was mixing, Luke and JJ worked on getting some old wireless mics swapped out in a couple of our other environments; I’m told it wasn’t the easiest equipment exchange.

Tomorrow is a huge day for us. We get started on the frequency coordination first thing in the morning and roll right out of that into soundcheck and rehearsal for the evening’s Night of Worship. If we survive, I’ll be back tomorrow.

David Stagl

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