Photoblog: Text Set

Construction photos of our latest set for Andy’s new series, Text.




David Stagl

9 Responses to “Photoblog: Text Set

  • Patrick Sprague
    16 years ago

    Man, I gotta tell you, I love it when you post pics of set changes, equip maint. etc.
    It really lets us see into how things are done in your neck of the woods, and I think it really fuels our ideas too.

  • Thanks, Patrick. I’m going to try and do more, but I just need to remember my camera.

  • what’s this? a sound guy that blogs? i didn’t know they existed. 😀

    ok – well, probably they exist and i’m not very good at finding them. found you through reid greven who commented on my blog out of the blue today. it open’s up my whole world every time someone i’ve never heard of comments… i wish more people would.

    i’ve been dying to find more blogging sound people. look forward to peeking in on you from time to time.

  • I think we are a rare breed.

  • Zack W
    16 years ago

    I think Christian’s & church’s actually working together in America is a rare breed – but it’s cool to know that us tech people are leading the way.

    One body, many parts, WORKING TOGETHER! Go nerds for Jesus!

  • Bill Whitt
    16 years ago

    Great pics! It looks like you’re using a translucent material that’s pretty common on TV sets today (NBC’s Today Show, etc.). They catch the light really well.

    What is that stuff called, and where do you find it? I work at a church with a low budget for this sort of stuff, but if we could find something like that, it would add a whole new level to our staging!

  • I’m pretty sure it’s just 3/16″ plexiglass. I think they got it from a local glass shop.

  • Sarah
    16 years ago

    This backdrop looks awesome! Do you know how they put the words on the plexiglass?

  • I think it’s just vinyl letters attached to the glass. You can probably get them from a sign shop.